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What is flymeta?
Flymeta is and always will be an art project at core. 

A collection of boarding passes digital collectables that evolve over time, a step that is called "Evolution".

What is Evolution?

Part I
Certain boarding passes can turn into different hidden forms. Burnt, smoggy and many more that’ll discover over time. These will happen due to external effects (e.g. war, global warming, pollution, forest fires, floods…).

Part II
Any boarding pass grade can become vintage after 30 months in the condition that it is untouched (no listings, no sales, no transfers), any action will reset the counter. Once the conditions are met, the collector can request for their pass to be transformed into a Vintage grade.

What blockchain is it minted on?
The project is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, on its own ERC721 contract using Manifold.

What's the supply?
TBC, boarding passes will be minted in batches.

What about utility?

Our community.

All future airdrops and giveaways are exclusive to DeClass members (holders of a flymeta boarding pass).

How is the artwork made?
The artwork is made one by one, and is a mixture of physical and digital assets, as well as the use of AI-generated details.

How to submit stories?
Anyone can submit stories to be associated with a destination, they can be whatever you’d like, personal, must visit places, food recommendations… etc.

Through our new community forum. Sign up, create a post, read the guidelines/ rules, and submit your story.

What's next?
Batch three of 100 new boarding passes. And more than 10 new "grades" based on real life boarding passes and references collected for research and development purposes.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out via Discord or email at

Please note that this is an ongoing project and details are subject to change.

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