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Flymeta installation 2023
"Art-Jacking" Exhibition at Musée en Herbe,
23 Rue de l'Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris

The audience was invited to experience our interactive installation, where 200 boarding passes unfolds before your eyes.

The viewer could manually navigate through and feel the subtle resistance as the controller mimics the act of flipping through paper, in addition to thoughtfully integrated sound effects that heighte
n the sensory experience.
Pushing the boundaries of virtual exploration where every flip of a pass unravels stories waiting to be discovered.

The exact boarding pass that Gabriel held as the conception of the idea took place was on display, a tangible artifact embodying the very moment of inspiration.

A behind the scenes look at the creation process that involves combining various mediums, both tangible and digital, as well as incorporating AI-generated elements, resulting in a unique blend of sketches, stains, textures, and even burnt paper.

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